What Should I Ask?

Ask me anything. Anything at all. It’s your digital dime. Finances, love, career, past life stuff, I’ll happily natter on about anything that’s rolling through your mind. But a basic understanding of what I can (and cannot) do will help you ask better questions and get more useful answers.

Here’s a FAQ list. I’ll add to this as topics occur to me.


Anything that starts out “Will I…” or “Will he/she…” isn’t going to get us very far. Destiny isn’t something inflicted upon us by external forces. There are always, always choices, and neither I nor any of my colleagues can tell what anyone is going to choose to do in the future (because if we could, then it wouldn’t really be a choice, would it?) We work with probabilities and energy currents. Nothing involving free will is ever definite, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

So what good are readings? What exactly are you paying me for?

Well, it’s like looking at a map. There are lots of different places you can choose to go, and lots of different roads you can take to get there. With my tools and intuition, I can see a little more of the map than others. I can review the paths you’ve taken so far that got you to this point, I can tell you about the crossroads that are coming up, I can see where the way is hard, and where the way is a little easier, and where they’re doing roadwork that’s going to slow you down for hours and hours and hours while you’re sitting in a hot car having to pee.

I can’t tell you which path you or anyone else is going to choose, but I can help you make that choice. So, instead of “Will I move to Hoboken?” ask me if Hoboken would be a good place for you, or when the energy will be the most positive to make such a move. Instead of “Will he/she come back to me?” you might want to ask about upcoming periods where the energy for romance is working to your advantage so that you can either approach him/her and discuss the matter, or look for someone even better.


Here’s a free reading for you:

Q: “Will I win the lotto?”
A: No.

There. If I’m wrong, at least you won’t be mad. But I’m probably not wrong.

There may or may not be free will involved in the computer systems that select the randomized winning numbers. If there is, I can’t predict that (see above). If there isn’t, though, then these numbers are under a lot of influence from hundreds of thousands of people, all hoping and praying and sending out their own energy to try to influence the outcome.

If there are any psychics who really can actually predict winning lotto numbers, I guarantee they’re not working as online consultants, and they sure aren’t sharing the info.

Instead, ask me about methods and upcoming opportunities to increase your finances. Fair warning: my answer will probably involve something about “work and patience.”


Every one of these concerns belongs in a doctor’s office, not a psychic’s chamber. For one thing, I’m not a medical professional. I can’t legally diagnose health issues or provide advice about how to deal with them.

That said, some divination techniques are useful for providing general insights on health and fertility. I’ll take a look if you want, but please do take advantage of all our wonderful modern technology and centuries of scientific research if you’re facing a health issue or trying to become (or avoid becoming) pregnant.

And why would you want to know when or how you’re going to die? That would spoil the surprise! Just pretend you’ve got about a month to go. That should light a fire under your ass.


Soul mates. Twin flames. “The One.” You’ve been watching too much of the Lifetime channel. Not that these types of relationships don’t exist, but the general public seems to have a very skewed, unhealthy misunderstanding of this concept.

There is no perfect relationship. No one is going to make you blissfully happy, all the time. No one is coming along to take care of everything and stroke your ego every day. (And if you think that a “soul mate’s” purpose is to fix things so you never have to worry about anything ever again, you’ve got a bigger problem than being single.)

The good news is that your soul mates are everywhere! These are people whose energy meshes with your own, and as a team, you can both help each other to a higher level of spiritual growth. They may very well improve your life. They may make it worse, giving you both an opportunity to learn some important skills. They may be a romantic partner, but just as often, they’re a friend, a family member, a co-worker…anyone who you feel a “click” with and a sense of mutual inspiration — and if you spend enough time together, it’s very likely that you’ll start to annoy the hell out of each other.

Soul mates come and go. We’re not assigned a partner at birth, sent forth into the world to find them, and guaranteed the “prize” of a perfect life upon doing so (or doomed to utter, abject loneliness and misery if we don’t). If you and a soul mate want to build a life together, it’s going to take work and good communication. Your bond starts out strong and can always get stronger, making this potentially one of the most rewarding relationships you can have, but don’t expect it to always go smoothly.

Twin Flames, as I understand them, are an entirely different thing from soul mates. I’m not sure if I believe in this concept, and I can’t speak with any authority on it. From what I’ve read, though, Twin Flames don’t usually incarnate together in the same dimension. If they do, life with a Twin Flame is commonly described as infuriating and they usually end up separating pretty quickly before they kill each other. This material plane is not big enough for the two of them. It’s not a hatred thing, it’s a matter of so much energy resonating at such a huge frequency that the situation is almost always volatile. If you want to find your Twin Flame, more power to you. I’ll wait for you back here in the fallout shelter.


Would you take your car to a mechanic and not tell them about the funny noises or the black smoke? Would you go to the doctor and make them guess where it hurts?

If we’ve never met, then I don’t know anything about you or your situation. Real psychics are not mind-readers, no matter what the TV says. Those who claim to be so are messing with you. (If I could really read minds, I’d be doing something a lot more lucrative and adventurous, like international espionage or getting elected Pope).

Please give me some background info and explain your question clearly! That’s the quickest way to getting information you can use.


If you’d like to get a feel for my style, come on over and follow my FaceBook page! Occasionally I’ll blurt out a Cold Reading for some mystery client or offer free short consults for anyone paying attention.

Otherwise, no.


My SEO analytics tool-thingy here tells me that every few days, this site gets a hit from someone using “spelling of…” or “how to spell…” as keywords in their search terms. You guys. Come on. When I talk about spells, I don’t mean THAT KIND of…

…Wait. How about this. I also have a degree in English (going on two). It would be nice to do something with that.

I hereby declare that, if you ask politely, I will happily, free-of-charge, tell you how to spell a word. I can even translate it into Latin for you.