Get a Reading!

I’m a chaos mage. I don’t control this, so my readings are a mish-mash of techniques as I wend my way through the currents to find the information you seek.

Before I get out any tools, I write down my first impressions of you and the energy surrounding the situation in question. Then I turn to tarot and astrology for a more objective overview. I often receive input from some of my other-dimensional pals who may wish to chime in. (They don’t want to be called “spirit guides”, but damn, are they good.) If I feel the pull, I’ll dip into the Gri’x (i.e., the dream-planes) and report back with visions full of symbolism with answers buried inside on which you should meditate in order to decipher.






$25 gets you at least one full written page. (Times New Roman, 12pt type, 1″ margins…ever the dutiful college student, am I.) That’s enough to cover one question in-depth.

$60 gets you at least three written pages. I’m calling it the “Three Questions” option, but really, for either choice, you can ask one question or ten or twenty. I’ll try to be as thorough as I can and combine some questions if possible, but the more you ask, the less space I’ll have to work with. I’ve found that, in general, one subject requires about one page to cover all the nuances.

I will include photos of the tarot spreads and copies of any astrology charts that I used so that you can follow along. I will also provide one session of follow-up info for each order, if you need clarification. No guarantee that you’ll like the answers you receive, but I do want to make sure that you understand them.