Percy the Clown: Particle Motion
This was the very first full-length Flash video I ever made. Oh, how you’d laugh, if you could see the convoluted timeline and keyframes…but it WORKS, and that’s what counts.

A Very Scary Zombie Story
Original illustrations by Corvin Blacke. Editing/animation by me. Story by Tessa (Age 7).

Music Video: “The House” by the Back Alley Barbers
I used footage from several different performances and still photographs to create this promotional video for the band’s first album Psycho Sonatas.

The Ennui of the Pointlessness of Perpetually Continued Existence
Music, vocals, camera: Corvin Blacke
Lyrics, editing, not-waking-up: Me

The Calico Blues
Guitar, bass: Corvin Blacke
Drum track, editing, audio mixing: Me
Vocals: Remy the Cat (No animals were injured, frightened, or even terribly inconvenienced during the making of this song. That’s just how Remy goes.)

Newscast: Same Spin
Writing, directing, graphics, editing by me. Starring damn near everyone on the 2005 Spur-of-the-Moment Crew.

Writing AND Directing AND Editing AND make-up & props AND Soundtrack by myself…with help and ideas from the rest of the 2005 Spur-of-the-Moment Crew. This was a huge production for us, pretty much straight from a script I’d written in high school for the 1985 SOTM Crew. I knew we’d use it SOMEDAY.

The Visitor
Experimental video for an art class assignment.