Miscellaneous Designs


The client already had two circular tattoos on her back. She wanted a dragon encircling them, wrapping around her shoulder, devouring its own tail, with a Greek phrase on its side, and several other metaphysical symbols incorporated into its wings. Much detail. Many revisions.

CD Art: Memento Mori by the Back Alley Barbers

This was a really involved assembly process. I was given original band shots (by Hanah Reed Photography), which had to be antiqued to make them look old and dusty. The band gave me a vague description of what they had in mind, and I did all the interior shots of the props and the desk myself (with my phone cam…shhhhh, don’t tell) and put them all together to create the right mood.

Event Promotion: The Talent Within

The “Z-Man Scholarship” is an amazing program run by the Portland Police Department’s Youth Services Division. From 2013-2015, I created the promotional material for their show The Talent Within, a city-wide high school talent competition.

Product Illustration

Simple designs for printing service sites–stuff that looks good on T-shirts, coffee mugs, shower curtains…