About the Artist

‘Lorem ipsum and all that!

You can call me “Jymi,” or “Variable.” I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’ve lived in a few other states, but now I’m pretty much settled in Portland, Oregon with my husband Corvin and our menagerie of small-pets-that-don’t-make-me-sneeze.

My dad had been a working artist since before I was born, so I’ve always been surrounded by art and art-making tools. As a teenager in the 80s, I got the best of all worlds: an appreciation for art history and the classics, a solid grounding in the (then-recent) subversive post-modern movements, and giddy excitement about all the possibilities that digital technology was about to bring to the art world.

I’m also into writing, desktop publishing, oldschool publishing (mmm, the hot wax and burnishers!), RPGs (with the dice and paper), building websites (I could have coded this site from scratch, but why should I?), social media, music, science and metaphysics (yes, I know the difference), and teaching myself to cook. Once in awhile I even get out of the house.

I do all kinds of stuff under the name of Grimagix, my production company.

I have an associate degree in English from Grand Rapids Community College, another one in Digital Media Production from Portland Community College, and a Bachelor’s in Arts & Letters (magna cum laude, thank you very much) from Portland State University

My favorite class at PSU was Latin. I stressed and cried through all three years of it, and loved every minute.

Yes, that is my natural hair-color. No, you may not touch it.