I like Maya. You should buy a whole bunch of my art so that I can afford to buy myself a copy of Maya.



The Very Excellent Volvo, E.Q. Zoom

My first car was a ’74 Volvo 245. His name was E.Q. Zoom. We had adventures. I wish he was still around.

’59 Cadillac Hearse

I wouldn’t mind having one of these, either (but Zoom got better mileage).


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of my favorite movies (in all its iterations)I decided to re-create Gunnar Hanson’s iconic mask from the 1974 original.

Traffic Control

With all the amazing possibilities for things to make and place in my virtual world, I got obsessed with…road signs.

The textures on the buildings, fences, and asphalt are all created from my own original photographs.