Cold Call — Where Is the Thing?

Usually I use my tarot cards for these cold call readings, but tonight I was playing with astrology and got the urge to cast a horary chart for…someone.

A horary chart (from medieval Latin horarius, ‘hour’) is a divination tool that uses the positions of the planets at the moment a question is asked to show what the prevailing energy currents are like. Did I cast this chart for you?


(Click on the image to see the full chart.)

The Thing is in plain sight, but it’s not where you WANT it to be, is it?

You’re looking entirely in the wrong places. I get the impression that The Thing has to do with self-esteem, social standing, maybe even love–but is it love for others, or just a slightly desperate need to know that others love YOU? If so, temper your approach. *I* know and *you* know that you’re just trying to help, but you’re coming off as hyper-critical, aggressively nit-picky, and a general downer. They’re wondering what happened to that fun-loving side of you, the one who could share the spotlight and make everyone feel great.

Luckily, they know this side of you too, and they’re patient. Relax. You really are just as great as you want to be, and your friends know this. You could do with a little alone-time to ground and center yourself without being influenced by input from the crowd, but don’t sequester yourself for too long. They need you. They want you. You’re fine. This paranoia is unfounded. Give yourself a break and just let them know you love them–they’ll return the feeling. Accept it.

Rise and Sign

You know your Sun sign. (Right?) Everyone fits neatly into one of 12 pigeon-holes which define your entire personality and make it easy for newspapers to print perfectly accurate 3-line horoscopes that you can rely on to tell you exactly what your day will be like…

rising-sign…Or not.

Because you’re so much more than your Sun sign. The Sun is important, sure: its position in your chart is a like a huge lens that collects all the other planets’ energy and focuses it in one place. It’s your conscious mind, your general outlook, the outline that you get to color in. But there are a lot of subtleties involved. 12 simple categories do not define everyone in the world. Your chart is as unique as a fingerprint.

So, do you know your Rising Sign? Also called the “Ascendant,” this is the zodiac constellation which was coming up over the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. This sign rules the 1st House, which is the segment of the chart that defines the “Self.” It’s like a filter between you and the outside world: it shapes your perspectives and the personality you project.

The Ascendant is just as important as the Sun sign when it comes to defining your personality, and when a powerful planet is transiting through this sign, your entire life is affected.

For example: I’m a Sagittarius. (Actually I’m an Ophiucus, but that’s a whole ‘nother post.) Sagittarius is all about adventure and travel and spiritual philosophy and new experiences. Wheeeeeeee!

However, I’ve got Virgo rising. This means that I want to be a pirate and an astronaut and a rock star and a messiah, but first I have to finish organizing my books according to the new and improved Dewey Decimal System that I invented.

Ooh! An adventure! I must create a new database to catalog each photo and journal entry so that I may easily cross-reference them with previous escapades.

And that’s just the 1st House. There are 12 Houses in a chart, defining everything from family to romance to money to careers to karma. Every sign influences every chart in one way or another, along with the planets and a peanut gallery of asteroids, Nodes, aspects, and ever-changing daily transits.

So when you say “I’m a (insert sign here), but I don’t FEEEEEL like a (insert sign here), and my free horoscopes are never right,” that doesn’t mean astrology is bunk.* It means that you should take a look at your whole chart in order to see where all that other energy is coming from.
*That, too, is a post for another time.

Mercury Needs a Time-Out

Find something to hide under for the next couple of weeks. (A nice blanket fort should do the trick.) Mercury Retrograde is upon us.

mercury-trollThis happens three or four times a year, when the Earth overtakes planet Mercury, making Mercury appear to go backwards in the sky. (The other planets have retrograde periods too, though not as often as Mercury’s.) This one started on May 19 and will go through June 11. It’s a doozie this time too, as Mercury just happens to be in Gemini, the sign that it rules.

Mercury and Gemini deal with communication, the rational side of social interaction (as opposed to emotional), education, and movement. So, when Mercury goes rogue, you can bet there will be mix-ups. Arguments and misunderstandings abound. Information gets lost. Travel plans go awry. Electronics and other machines have meltdowns.

You can’t blame Mercury Retrograde for everything — the planets don’t control us, so don’t use this as an excuse to go ballistic on people. In fact, we all need to exercise a little extra control during this time. Speak (or write) clearly, listen (or read) carefully. Ask questions. Try not to sign contracts, start big projects (especially involving other people), or make big travel plans without leaving a lot of room in your schedule for snafus. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t usually create HUGE problems, but its energy does generate a lot of little inconveniences and puts people in a snit.

Aside from hiding in a cave, which honestly sounds pretty good to me at this point, how can you deal with Mercury Retrograde constructively? This isn’t a good time for talking, but it is a good time for action: finish projects. Clean your house and your mind of all that crap that you’re sick of dusting. Get lost in memories and dig up some old wisdom you might need to re-learn. Be patient with yourself and others.

If you know which house in your chart is ruled by Gemini, you can zoom in on which area of your life is likely to be most affected by this, and how you can best turn it to your benefit. As it happens, I’m running a special offer to address this very problem! (Imagine!)