Cold Call — Where Is the Thing?

Usually I use my tarot cards for these cold call readings, but tonight I was playing with astrology and got the urge to cast a horary chart for…someone.

A horary chart (from medieval Latin horarius, ‘hour’) is a divination tool that uses the positions of the planets at the moment a question is asked to show what the prevailing energy currents are like. Did I cast this chart for you?


(Click on the image to see the full chart.)

The Thing is in plain sight, but it’s not where you WANT it to be, is it?

You’re looking entirely in the wrong places. I get the impression that The Thing has to do with self-esteem, social standing, maybe even love–but is it love for others, or just a slightly desperate need to know that others love YOU? If so, temper your approach. *I* know and *you* know that you’re just trying to help, but you’re coming off as hyper-critical, aggressively nit-picky, and a general downer. They’re wondering what happened to that fun-loving side of you, the one who could share the spotlight and make everyone feel great.

Luckily, they know this side of you too, and they’re patient. Relax. You really are just as great as you want to be, and your friends know this. You could do with a little alone-time to ground and center yourself without being influenced by input from the crowd, but don’t sequester yourself for too long. They need you. They want you. You’re fine. This paranoia is unfounded. Give yourself a break and just let them know you love them–they’ll return the feeling. Accept it.

2 thoughts on “Cold Call — Where Is the Thing?

  1. Idk if this was meant for me, but halfway through reading it a pressure on my chest and nearly uncontrollable tears came over me. Thank you, it is what i needed to read. Much love!

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