Cold Call–Kick ’em to the Curb!

While waiting for the paint to dry on my latest art project, I got the distinct impression that someone out there needs a reading. Right now. In fact, it was one of my spirit guides, “Angus,” who stepped in and kept poking me until I got the cards out. My guides don’t usually use the cards (in fact, Angus kept bitching about the “new-fangled designs” on the Rider-Waite deck) but sometimes they do give us something to focus on during these impromptu channeling sessions.

Here’s the spread, and Angus’ interpretation.

“Oh. Oh, blooy hell, my dear. Your imagination and spirit transcends that of the company you keep. You must be your own champion. You MUST. There’s no getting around it, and I’m afraid this means you’ll have to leave someone behind. Break the established rules of the relationship, snap them right in twain, and bugger anyone who tries to hold you to their own out-dated standards and expectations. It might have worked for you once, but open your fekkin’ eyes, love, it’s done; it’s time to move on. Rip off the band-aid and get on with it. Do not–NOT–succumb to someone else’s ‘woe-is-me’, lest it become ‘woe-is-you.’ Aren’t you better than that? Stronger? You’ve got such vision, such spirit. Why in the world would you let them define or constrain what you’re about to become? Moody selfish bastards; you don’t need them. There’s naught wrong with bathing in the blood and tears of your captors, physical or spiritual.”

Angus isn’t known for pulling punches.

So What’s New with You?

[Obligatory statement about how long it’s been since I’ve posted, blah blah blah.]

Well, I’ve been busy. So much has happened over the past few months, and I’m in a totally different place than I was the last time we were catching up. I won’t bore you with the details–they’re no more or less than the ups and downs in a normal life. But today I found myself thinking about the chain of events that got me here, and it occurred to me that even though I’d been wishing for some of these changes for a long time, they didn’t happen until I was ready. A few (or a lot of) years sooner would have been way too soon, and I would have made a mess of things.

So today’s blog post is about patience. And never giving up. Not even after you get what you want. It’s not a race; there’s not a finish line, you don’t get to stop when things are particularly bad or good or when you achieve a goal. You keep going, because there’s always another level and more to be done.

Today’s blog post is also about my head exploding trying to wrangle all the site renovations and additions and more surprises that I’ve been working on in the background. Coming up in the next month or so, look for an expanded menu with new goodies and psychic reading styles (ready to meet my “spirit guides”? They can’t wait to chat with you!) and–are you ready for this?TOUR DATES!

I’ve joined up with the Vixens of Horror, a group of super-creative models and entertainers here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re drawn together by our love of magic and the macabre, and we’re getting ready to start traveling across the country to lots of cons and other events.

From the “Malice in Wonderland” project. Photography by Corvin Blacke of Mixed-Debris. (I’m the Jabberwocky over there on the right.)

Yes! I might be coming to your town this year! 

Stay tuned for more details! (Or just keep refreshing your FB feed.)