Watching the Pot

Tuesday: “Am I going to get a new job?”
Friday: “Anything new happening with my career?”
Sunday: “…what about now?”
Monday: “…what about now?”


Sometimes people want to get multiple readings to keep tabs on a situation. This is a good idea when there’s a lot going on and the balance changes quickly from one day to the next. But often it’s just a waiting game, and I’ve noticed something interesting happens when we ask the same question over and over again: either the readings become really, really repetitive, or they stop making sense entirely.

If we’re using astrology, the planets’ courses aren’t going to suddenly shift. That Jupiter transit that I told you about last week is still doing the exact same thing, right on schedule. I promise. But even randomly-shuffled tarot cards tend to get weird when we ask a question more than once–the same cards start coming up, in the same positions. Or we get different cards that are so all over the board, there’s no way to see how their story is remotely related to your question.

You know how some nights you’ll open the refrigerator several times, just to see if anything new is in there since the last time you looked? Multiple readings for the same question are like that. We might see that the cheese just moved to another shelf or that you should probably throw that tomato away, but if you don’t get up and go to the grocery store, don’t expect a spontaneous cheesecake manifestation.

Whatever comes across in the first session is usually what you need to know. We can keep digging for more details and new perspectives, but there comes a point where we’ve seen all that we’re going to see and it’s on you to deal with the situation and either just be patient if you can’t control it, or make something happen if you can.

I love repeat business, but you don’t want to pay for the same reading twice!