Cold Reading: You’re going to be ok, just DO SOMETHING

Ohhhhhh let’s do a 4am Cold Reading. I’m tired of Tarot, though. Tonight I’m going to draw from my own divination tools: the Somniscript glyphs.

cr-20150613Wow. Now, this is why I love Somniscript. We start out with the entire Multiverse itself, and I’ve covered it with a Door. Whoever you are, reality is yours to command. You just need to grow a pair and take the responsibility: step through the door. This means leaving some things behind. It means entering the unknown — but it’s not really “unknown,” is it? It’s just “unexperienced…YET.” In an infinite multiverse, anything is possible.

I also drew a token from my Mystical Bag of Mojo Dreamy Things. Here we have a Trefoil. The three-leaved clover is a protective herb (not quite as lucky as its four-leaved sibling, but still a positive symbol). Numerologically, this also bears the powerful ACTION of the number 3. So, do you have what it takes to break out of the old boring familiar patterns and carry on under your own power? Start building.

What? It’s not possible? Who says? Screw them. If you can imagine it, then it already exists on some plane of reality. Bring it here and let’s see it. I dare ya.

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