Walpurgisnacht Contest: Spook the Rev!

Walpurgisnacht is coming up! Do you do your own divination or magic? Do you go ghosthunting? Have you had a run-in with a spirit, a demon, a bogey, or just experience something amazing that simply can’t be chalked up to coincidence?

Post your best stories here in the comments! (Not on my Facebook, not on my Twitter — HERE in the Iterations Blog, please.)

Come on. I haven’t been truly freaked out by anything supernatural since I saw Poltergeist when I was 12, and I miss it. Tell me a story that keeps me awake.

You may enter multiple times, but keep it to one new story per post. On Walpurgisnacht (4/30) I’ll choose a winner. The writer of the tale which gives me a nightmare (or at least has the most power to keep me looking over my shoulder late at night) will receive one complimentary Somniscope reading complete with dream visions.

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