Walpurgisnacht Contest: Spook the Rev!

Walpurgisnacht is coming up! Do you do your own divination or magic? Do you go ghosthunting? Have you had a run-in with a spirit, a demon, a bogey, or just experience something amazing that simply can’t be chalked up to coincidence?

Post your best stories here in the comments! (Not on my Facebook, not on my Twitter — HERE in the Iterations Blog, please.)

Come on. I haven’t been truly freaked out by anything supernatural since I saw Poltergeist when I was 12, and I miss it. Tell me a story that keeps me awake.

You may enter multiple times, but keep it to one new story per post. On Walpurgisnacht (4/30) I’ll choose a winner. The writer of the tale which gives me a nightmare (or at least has the most power to keep me looking over my shoulder late at night) will receive one complimentary Somniscope reading complete with dream visions.

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You can also catch me in person around Portland, Seattle and elsewhere in the PNW, where we’re all gearing up for the spring and summer show season. Here’s one of the first official Big Deals of the Year: The Talent Within Z-Man Scholarhip Finals! There will be bands (including my favorite, The Back Alley Barbers), celebrity performers and judges, and merch booths. Come by and get your cards read (or make an appointment if it’s too loud), and pick up some magixal crafts for your own esoteric experiments.

The Talent Within Z-Man Scholarship Finals

April 26, Chiles Center, Portland OR