Turn and Face the Strange Changes (Daily Divination 1/8/13)

I just love how divination works. It may not always give a clear picture of the future (and how is it supposed to do that, anyway, when the future — and the past — is nothing but potential and possibility?), but it almost ALWAYS gives us a surprisingly accurate bead on the present. Yeah, we’re right here looking at it (duh), but that doesn’t explain the uncanny appropriateness of the “random” draws.

Tonight I decided to go to my faithful old standby, the Tarot deck. I started learning Tarot in 1988. Though I’ve studied a few other divinatory systems since then (and invented a few of my own), the Tarot feels like an old friend.

Speaking of old friends, today is David Bowie’s birthday. The card I drew for 1/8 is

The Tower

From the Rider/Waite deck, designed by Pamela Coleman Smith

However, the card came out upside down.The meaning of a reverse card can be kind of hard to pin down. It usually means that either the regular meaning should be read in a negative way, or that something is holding back progress on the situation, or that someone feels badly about it, or maybe we should infer the complete opposite of the normal meaning.

I know, right? Clear as mud. Here’s where we just pull something out of our… er, I mean, a strong intuition is one of the main tools of the Diviner.

Hey, you study Tarot for 25 years, earn a great reputation with your customers, become a Reverend, and get back to me with your own opinion about reversals.

The Tower is all about change. This isn’t a natural transition from one state to another (that would be the Death card); this is sudden, surprising upheavals, and it’s not comfortable. That reversal? Like adding lemon juice to an open wound.

Whenever you need more information about a card, you can “top” it with another draw from the deck, so I did. I asked, what’s this change all about? And out came the 6 of Swords…also reversed.

Look, society is just an angry beehive right now. Watch yourself, OK?

Today, just try to mind your own business. It’s like an apocalyptic square dance out there. Don’t get involved in gossip. Don’t re-post that nasty rumor on Facebook. Ignore the people who did. Today would be a good day to listen to both sides of a story, and refrain from judging either.

You can FACE the strange changes without making it worse.


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