Look around, make a wish (Daily Divination 1/6/13)

No random words this time! I mentioned the Somniscript in a previous post, and that’s what you’re going to get.

What’s that? What is the Somniscript?
WHAT IS THE SOMNISCRIPT? It’s ONLY the set of 48 very special letters in the basic Chronoscopic alphabet used and abused by Somnicists everywhere.

What? What are the –? Pffff. Ok, never mind that for now. I’m working on a whole-new version of the Grimagix Network, and that’ll all be in there. Everything will be made clear. Or at least more brilliantly confusing. Until then, you will get these little droplets of brain nectar, and you will like it.

Lucidity-Somniscript-Major Glyph
This character means “LUCIDITY,” and coincidentally, Lucidity is our concept for January 6th.

Have you ever been dreaming and realized you were dreaming? Some people can do that almost every time they sleep. For others, it’s a rare pleasure. When you realize you’re dreaming, you gain the power to change things. You’re no longer just a character in your dream; you’re the director. You can turn that monster into a harmless puppy (or worse), call up a delicious banquet out of nowhere, or just lift your feet off the ground and fly.

Waking up is a disappointment — suddenly you’re back in the “real” world, where for most sad sacks, the greatest power over reality they think they’ll ever get is to choose the color of their socks (hint: black goes with everything).

But dreams go deep. You can wake up from a dream, start living your normal conscious life for awhile, and then realize that you’re still dreaming. Wake up from that, it happens again. Once, many years ago, I woke up through so many layers, so quickly, that the world became a blur and when I finally landed in my bed (after falling upwards through that Aetheric muck for who knows how many dream-miles) I was afraid to even move, lest the “real world” start dissolving around me.

I wish I’d understood way back then that there’s no such thing as a “real world.” I was — and am — still dreaming. So are you. Reality is defined by how you understand it. Your dream is different than my dream, but they’re both just as valid. We can meet at certain points.

Today, while you’re up and wandering around in your own reality, try waking up again. Use those marvelous powers lurking just beneath your conscious mind. Do something amazing that the “real” world would never have allowed. Change your own personal version of “real.”

Incidentally, today’s date adds up to 11. Numerologically speaking, the whole day is a doorway to higher (and lower) planes of existence. Let’s just put a stopper in that door so it doesn’t swing shut.

You’d like to fly, wouldn’t you?

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