No Divinations = Nothing Will Happen

If you’ve been feeling lost without my Daily Divinations lately, then you’re probably one of those people who develops addictions very quickly, as I’ve only done three of them.

My attention has been elsewhere. The Grimagix Network is getting a complete overhaul. This new blog is only one piece of the giant patchwork puzzle, and I didn’t really expect to have time to keep it up every day while the rest of the site(s) are getting torn down and re-built (better! stronger! faster! More SEO-friendly! But not too SEO-friendly, since the sites are not built for the enjoyments of robots!) and bulked up and polished. I’ll be back soon! I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll just have to create new content and updates for ten or twelve sites that are already in good working order.

I’m not even going to tell you what I dreamed about last night, because it’s none of your business and it would probably make you blush.

So I just thought I’d pop in and say hello and tell you that you’ll have to read your own portents for awhile longer. Why don’t you leave a comment and let me know what you find out?

Turn and Face the Strange Changes (Daily Divination 1/8/13)

I just love how divination works. It may not always give a clear picture of the future (and how is it supposed to do that, anyway, when the future — and the past — is nothing but potential and possibility?), but it almost ALWAYS gives us a surprisingly accurate bead on the present. Yeah, we’re right here looking at it (duh), but that doesn’t explain the uncanny appropriateness of the “random” draws.

Tonight I decided to go to my faithful old standby, the Tarot deck. I started learning Tarot in 1988. Though I’ve studied a few other divinatory systems since then (and invented a few of my own), the Tarot feels like an old friend.

Speaking of old friends, today is David Bowie’s birthday. The card I drew for 1/8 is

The Tower

From the Rider/Waite deck, designed by Pamela Coleman Smith

However, the card came out upside down.The meaning of a reverse card can be kind of hard to pin down. It usually means that either the regular meaning should be read in a negative way, or that something is holding back progress on the situation, or that someone feels badly about it, or maybe we should infer the complete opposite of the normal meaning.

I know, right? Clear as mud. Here’s where we just pull something out of our… er, I mean, a strong intuition is one of the main tools of the Diviner.

Hey, you study Tarot for 25 years, earn a great reputation with your customers, become a Reverend, and get back to me with your own opinion about reversals.

The Tower is all about change. This isn’t a natural transition from one state to another (that would be the Death card); this is sudden, surprising upheavals, and it’s not comfortable. That reversal? Like adding lemon juice to an open wound.

Whenever you need more information about a card, you can “top” it with another draw from the deck, so I did. I asked, what’s this change all about? And out came the 6 of Swords…also reversed.

Look, society is just an angry beehive right now. Watch yourself, OK?

Today, just try to mind your own business. It’s like an apocalyptic square dance out there. Don’t get involved in gossip. Don’t re-post that nasty rumor on Facebook. Ignore the people who did. Today would be a good day to listen to both sides of a story, and refrain from judging either.

You can FACE the strange changes without making it worse.


Blatant Plug: If you would like the Reverend Variable to read YOUR cards, proceed to the main site and place your order! I’ll work with you via email, or if you’re in the Portland area, I’ll be happy to make a personal appointment.

Look around, make a wish (Daily Divination 1/6/13)

No random words this time! I mentioned the Somniscript in a previous post, and that’s what you’re going to get.

What’s that? What is the Somniscript?
WHAT IS THE SOMNISCRIPT? It’s ONLY the set of 48 very special letters in the basic Chronoscopic alphabet used and abused by Somnicists everywhere.

What? What are the –? Pffff. Ok, never mind that for now. I’m working on a whole-new version of the Grimagix Network, and that’ll all be in there. Everything will be made clear. Or at least more brilliantly confusing. Until then, you will get these little droplets of brain nectar, and you will like it.

Lucidity-Somniscript-Major Glyph
This character means “LUCIDITY,” and coincidentally, Lucidity is our concept for January 6th.

Have you ever been dreaming and realized you were dreaming? Some people can do that almost every time they sleep. For others, it’s a rare pleasure. When you realize you’re dreaming, you gain the power to change things. You’re no longer just a character in your dream; you’re the director. You can turn that monster into a harmless puppy (or worse), call up a delicious banquet out of nowhere, or just lift your feet off the ground and fly.

Waking up is a disappointment — suddenly you’re back in the “real” world, where for most sad sacks, the greatest power over reality they think they’ll ever get is to choose the color of their socks (hint: black goes with everything).

But dreams go deep. You can wake up from a dream, start living your normal conscious life for awhile, and then realize that you’re still dreaming. Wake up from that, it happens again. Once, many years ago, I woke up through so many layers, so quickly, that the world became a blur and when I finally landed in my bed (after falling upwards through that Aetheric muck for who knows how many dream-miles) I was afraid to even move, lest the “real world” start dissolving around me.

I wish I’d understood way back then that there’s no such thing as a “real world.” I was — and am — still dreaming. So are you. Reality is defined by how you understand it. Your dream is different than my dream, but they’re both just as valid. We can meet at certain points.

Today, while you’re up and wandering around in your own reality, try waking up again. Use those marvelous powers lurking just beneath your conscious mind. Do something amazing that the “real” world would never have allowed. Change your own personal version of “real.”

Incidentally, today’s date adds up to 11. Numerologically speaking, the whole day is a doorway to higher (and lower) planes of existence. Let’s just put a stopper in that door so it doesn’t swing shut.

You’d like to fly, wouldn’t you?

Food for Thought (Daily Divination for 1/5/13)

For tonight’s portent, I went back to the Random Word Generator. I won’t always use that — sometimes I’ll draw a Tarot card or a Rune, and you can be sure that I’ll be doing a lot of plugging for the Somniscript characters from the Chronoscope. But this week I’m busy creating graphics and logos and building websites for my other projects, so the random words are handy and fun. And last night turned out so well for the first reading: “Timer” was a great word! So meaningful! So profound! So deep and applicable and appropriate for our esoteric natures! I figured I’d give it another try.


Tonight’s word is “LUNCH.”

What's for lunch? CIRCLES! CIRCLES are for lunch!
Look. 2013 is going to be a great year for a lot of people in a lot of different ways. It’s going to be exciting, engaging, enlightening and lots of other great ‘ings that aren’t brought to you by the Letter E. Just don’t forget to take a break and have lunch.

Up to now, a lot of humans have been having a pretty hard time of it. There’s still plenty of work ahead of us, but we passed an important turning point last month. You know, that whole Mayan thing in which the world did not actually end. It was more of an apex. Now we change direction and start the next phase of the cycle.

Lunch is the turning point between morning and afternoon: the preparation and the manifestation. Some time today — how about during lunch? — give yourself a chance for quiet reflection on where you’ve been and where you really want to go from here. How can you make the most of things from this point forward?

You may have next to nothing, in which case you’ll just have to work with what you’ve got. It may surprise you. Then again, you may have been really lucky so far — are you going to keep all that for yourself, or are you going to extend a hand and join the collective effort to move the whole damn planet forward? There are no wrong answers, as long as you’re following your True Will.

You have permission to have and enjoy dessert, too. Contemplative lunches have no calories.

TIME to get this started (Daily Divination for 1/4/13)

Going to start this off with a divinatory post — hopefully, I’ll be able to do one of these every night. If not, don’t freak out or anything. Sometimes I get busy and forget.

Our first divination comes to us via an internet version of bibliomancy, or divination by random words.

Our word is “TIMER.”Alarm clock

That’s fitting, as the collective consciousness (ok, you skeptics, Jung said it’s a real thing, and he was a doctor, so he KNOWS) is currently undergoing a sort of revolution (no pun intended) in the way we think about time, its relation to space and reality, and our place within the whole mess.

For some things, the timer has run out. DING! It’s…TIME… to move on.

For others, the timer has just begun. Tick, tick, tick. How long do we have? Who knows? What will we do? What will YOU do? Well, for f*!?’s sake, do something.

The TIMER reminds us that although everything we want is infinitely within our grasp, our limited perspectives may lead us so far down other rabbit holes, other tributaries in the temporal stream, that when we turn our attention back to what we were doing and try to resume our path toward our main goal, we find we’re over-extended. Now we have to work even harder just to get back to where we were in the first place.

But then, by the time we get there, we’ve changed. Do you still want what you wanted 10 years ago? If so, how much closer are you? If not, you’re not still paddling toward that same old dusty goal, are you?

The Chronomometer spins away, and it spins back. Where are you in that cycle? Are you spinning, are you evolving, or are you fighting it, and stagnating as the rest of the universe spins along without you?

Underneath it all, time is really just our perception leading itself through through an infinite series of now-points. When you go to the movies, the whole show is already there on the reel, but it doesn’t make sense unless you watch frame-by-frame. Now imagine if each frame had an infinite number of other frames connected to it, and each audience member could choose where their own version of the movie went from one frame to the next.

What would happen then?

DING! Time’s up.